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    My name is Conrad Tan. I currently reside in Northern California in the San Francisco Bay Area. Photography was a late starting hobby for me. But unlike all other hobbies from my younger days, this one seems to have stuck. What began from a desire to look at a wallpaper I created myself has become an obsession of sorts. I am consumed with creating the perfect photograph, whatever that may be. I tend to struggle with every image I create because I believe I can always make it better. I guess that is what keeps me coming back. There are so many disciplines in this hobby I've yet to try. I also love to help other photographers if I can. I think it is important to give back to the hobby that's given me so much happiness. If that’s all you ever know about me, it’s enough to say you know me very, very well.
    If you like my work please me leave a comment so I know you've been by and feel free to contact me at


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